About the Lion Launch Pad

The Lion Launch Pad (LionLP) is business accelerator program for Penn State undergraduate students and student teams.  Based at Penn State University/ University Park Campus, our program was created to help undergraduate student entrepreneurs convert innovative product and service concepts into viable startup companies.  Our vision of success is to have a team develop product, get  revenue or  funding, and move to  next-level incubator programs such as the  CCIDC Business Incubator (Penn State), DreamIt Ventures (Philadelphia), AlphaLabs (Pittsburgh), LaunchBox (Washington, DC),  or obtain angel funding.

The Lion Launch Pad  (LionLP) is part of Penn State’s growing interest in helping students in all majors develop an entrepreneurial mindset – meaning develop the skills and desire to look for opportunities for innovation and positive change in whatever career path they enter. Lion Launch Pad was named the Center for Penn State Student Entrepreneurship in 2009, when Penn State administration allocated on-campus space free-of-charge to Lion Launch Pad.

Every year, Penn State has dozens of student-driven concepts with fantastic potential that fail to make it past initial concepts . The Lion Launch Pad provides three critical resources: mentoring, work space and funding.   If you’re a student with a new product or service idea that you seriously want to work on, contact us!  If you’re a Penn State alumni, faculty member or business person who would like to mentor an entrepreneurial student team, contact us! If you want to donate to Lion LP to help entrepreneurial students create jobs and product value, contact us!